Birthday time!

Hey everyone,

It’s my birthday today and so I’m finally getting around to releasing some sweet, sweet comics that I’ve been holding onto for a special occasion, like today! Just go and click on the comics button and there’s gonna be a bunch of new comics. When I get to posting more in the future that’s where they will go! I’m unsure on how they should be presented in the future, but as for now that plugin will do, until I find a better one! If you have any suggestions let me know with an email or something. Thanks for all the b-day wishes!


SouthSprings is going south!

Currently working to Iowa State Fair, I’m excited to be moving down south to participate in the Sequential Artists Workshop with Tom Hart! I have been busy helping the family buisiness, but with comics going to be my top priority, I hope to be updating more frequently on the website and making some major changes. Stay tuned.